Zoom Bike Kids Trike Review

Zoom Bike Kids Trike is a cute trike for your child to make him or her cheerful and lively. He or she can learn to balance and steer with fun. So it is an ideal option for beginners to be trained up on riding a bike.

Zoom Bike Kids Trike Review

Zoom Bike Kids Trike Review

Benefits of the Customers When They Use It

  • The distinctive folding system of this bike makes it easier to carry anywhere and store within a few minutes. When it’s not in use, you can just fold it and store it in your car trunk or baby stroller’s basket.
  • Its patented non-scratch wheels are highly resistant and LED illuminated. So the stability of the wheels is assured and remains in a place firmly. As a result, the chance of any accident is reduced.
  • To use this bike not so much space is needed, so your kids can easily maneuver it in the home or backyard.

Features of the Zoom Bike Kids Trike

  • This bike is suitable for the ages of 14 months and up.
  • The weight of this great lightweight bike is 2 pounds.
  • Its patented wheels are scratch free and LED illuminated.
  • The zoom bike is fully assembled.

Pros and Cons

  • It comes with the combination of some beautiful colors that are liked by both the parents and the children.
  • Its front wheel steering ensures greater maneuverability of the bike.
  • The three wheels of this bike are resistant and stable.
  • No set-up is required to start using the bike.

  • Zoom bike is not perfect for whizzing so, the older child may not find it enjoyable to ride.
  • Sometimes the LED lighting of the wheels may be a little bit disappointing

How to Maintain This Zoom Bike Kids Trike

Since the bike is used by your beloved kids, so it should be cleaned properly in every time.After using the trike in outdoors, you should remove all the dust and mud from it, especially from the wheels. Because wheels are the dirtiest part of the trike. You should wipe off the whole trike with a soft wet cloth and leave it under the sun to dry. Then store it in a dry and open place.


The zoom bike has offered multiple features, but you need to spend only a few dollars for it. Moreover, your child can make a great fun with the zoom bike and also spends sometimes in outdoor activities which keep his or her health and mind more fit and cheerful.

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