7 Reasons – Why Balance Bike is better than Training Wheels

If you decided to teach your child cycling at his early age, then you have to select a balance bike before he starts riding a standard bike. There are various types of training bikes to learn cycling. Maximum parents prefer balance bike or training wheels as a training bike.

Before choosing between the two options, you should know why a balance bike is better than training wheels.After reading the following comparison between the balance bike and the training wheels, it will be easy for you to take the decision of buying a balance bike or a training wheel.

7 Reasons Why Balance Bike is better than Training Wheels

Why Balance Bike is better than Training Wheels

1. Minimize the Fear of Riding on Two-Wheelers

The common goal of riding the balance bike and training wheels is to learn to ride a standard two wheeled bike. But it’s not so easy to learn to ride on two-wheelers by practicing with a 4-wheeled bike. Because the experience of riding four-wheeled bikes and a standard bike is totally different.

On the other hand, balance bike has only two wheels and here your child keeps balance with their feet.

After practicing some days, they can easily keep balance without keeping their feet on the ground. So your kid can easily get rid of the fear of riding two wheelers with a well-designed balance bike.

2. Helpful to Concentrate on Balancing

The main problem with training wheels is that it is not so helpful to teach your kid balancing. When your kid rides a 4 wheeled bike, usually he concentrates on paddling rather than learn to balance. Without balancing properly, your child can’t be able to ride two-wheelers.In

In case of a balance bike, it allows your child to drive the bike with their feet instead of learning how to use pedals on the bike.

As a result, their total concentration goes for balancing. So they can learn the basic of riding a two wheeler quickly.

3. Balance Bikes Are More Secure

If you think about your adoring kid’s safety, then the balance bike is the best choice. Because –

  • Riding a four-wheeled bike on a rough surface is very much risky that may cause accidents, as it’s little bit wide.
  • It’s not easy to maneuver a four-wheeled bike for a 2-5 years old child for its big size. Moreover, it takes lots of space so that it can easily collide with anything. As a result, your child can be injured.
  • As kids drive balance bike with their feet, so they can easily avoid any accident. But when riding a training wheel, they have to concentrate on paddling. As a result, it’s very tough for a little child to be alert about the collision with something.
  • It’s proven that if kids learn to ride a balance bike, then can ride a standard bike easily. This makes the training period short so that they face very few accidents at the time of training.

4. Balance Bikes are Easy to Carry

  • If you want to carry a balance bike at the time of traveling, you can easily do it. Because balance bikes are lightweight and easy to carry.
  • Maximum training wheels are weighty as well as take lots of space. So when you are traveling and want to carry a training wheel, it becomes a nightmare to carry a heavy and jumbo training wheel comparing to a lightweight and simple balance bike

5. Balance Bikes Aren’t Expensive

Maximum people think that balance bikes are very much expensive. But this is a delusion. Because when you calculate the total expense of learning to ride a standard bike, then you can realize that balance bike is cheaper than training wheels. To learn cycling with training wheels, you need both a 12ʺ training wheel and a tricycle.

But if you buy a balance bike and your child learns to ride that, then he can ride a standard bike directly. No need to incur double expenses. So regarding cost, the balance bike is the best choice to teach your child cycling.

6. Easy Transformation to a Standard Two-Wheeled Bike

It’s easy to change over to standard two wheeled bikes from a balance bike. Since balance bikes teach toddlers balancing with their feet without the fear of falling down, so they become ready to push the pedals. Regarding training wheels, it’s too tough to learn to balance because it teaches the child to push the pedal.

As a result, it takes pretty long time to learn to ride a two-wheeler as they don’t want to leave the training wheel.

7. Teach Your Child Cycling Fast by Using Balance Bike

Balance bike helps the kids to learn to balance as well as develops the strength of the leg muscles.It is also very important to drive a standard bike. After acquiring the skill of balancing it becomes easy as playing to drive a standard bike. It has been observed that sometimesa3 years old toddler can really ride a pedal bike after using a balance bike only one year.

But most of the children of 5 to 6 years old can easily ride a standard bike who practice cycling with the balance bike at the age of three or four.


After reading the comparison, you can easily realize that balance bike is better than training wheels to teach a kid cycling swiftly. As the balance bike is a miniature of a standard bike, so riding a well-designed balance bike enhances their confidence to ride a standard bike. Comparing to the training wheel,

Comparing to the training wheel, balance bike is more inexpensive and safer. If you really want to teach your kid cycling quickly as well as safely, there is no better option than a balance bike.

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