Smart Gear Classic Balance Bike Review

Smart Gear classic balance bike is an innovative and eco-friendly product for the babies. This bike comes with a simple and basic design to help the child learning balance on the two wheels. It is also very much inexpensive compared to the other brands.

Smart Gear Classic Balance Bike Review

Benefits of Customers

  • This is a great bike for environment–conscious parents since it is made of birch wood that is replaceable and collected from safe sources.
  • Its seat can be adjusted in 5 different positions according to the height of your child. So it is greatly helpful for your growing child.
  • Non-toxic constructing materials such as formaldehyde glue, non-toxic lacquer, and paints are utilized in this, So your child is safe from any kind of hazardous chemical.
  • The Soft Rubberized Handlebars ensure more comfort for your child.
  • In this bike, an exclusive carry handle is attached. So it can be carried anywhere.

Impressive Features of Smart Gear Classic Balance Bike

  • Smart Gear Classic balance bike is made of birchwood.
  • Its leatherette seat can be adjusted in five positions with the height range from 12.5 inches to 17.5 inches.
  • This bike is designed with non-toxic materials.
  • It includes rubber tires with the larger tube valves.
  • Its handlebars are rounded with soft rubber.
  • The maximum weight limit of this bike is 60 pounds.

Pros and Cons of Smart Gear Classic Balance Bike

Smart Gear Classic Balance Bike Review

  • Air-inflated rubber tires ensure smooth maneuverability of the bike.
  • Its leatherette seat is cushioned and comfortable for your child.
  • Its longer tub valves ensure more security of the pump of tires.
  • Its exclusive carry handle helps you to carry the bike anywhere and enables your kids to push the bike with more ease.
  • The wooden frame of the bike is renewable and safer for your child.

  • If it is not properly cared, the wood of this balance bike may be rotted after a certain period since it is not waterproof.
  • Its handlebars are not so adjustable.

How to Maintain This Balance Bike

Although this wooden balance bike is eco-friendlby but needs proper maintenance to continue it for a long time. You should not leave this bike in the rain or snow. Water can rot the wood of the bike within a short time. Moreover, metal bolts that are used to join the frame become rusted.


If you want to choose a balance bike that will satisfy all of your basic needs, then Smart Gear Classic Balance Bike would be the perfect choice for you. Although this bike has some shortcomings, you can consider this one because of its lots of useful features such as exclusive carry handle, leatherette cushioned seat and others. Moreover, you get this multi-featured bike with a cheap price.

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