Royal Baby Lil’ Jammer 12 inch Balance Bike Review

Royal Baby 12 inch Balance Bike offers you a highly cushioned seat, footbrake, Durable frame, easy assembling and much more. As this quality bike comes with a very reasonable price, so it would be so suitable balance bike for your child to learn riding with fun.

Royal Baby Lil’ Jammer 12 inch Balance Bike Review

Royal Baby Lil’ Jammer 12 inch Balance Bike Review

Benefits of the Customers

  • Since the wheels of this bike are made of 12-inch steel rims with smooth rolling tires, so it’s sturdy and durable.
  • This bike has an adjustable padded seat to ensure maximum comfort of your little child.
  • Soft grips of the handlebars allow your little one to ride it for a long period.
  • You can assemble all of its parts together with one tool within 20-30 minutes.
  • The steel monotube frame of this bike makes it lightweight. As a result, your child can manipulate this bike himself without your help.
  • This bike has a foot brake which is helpful to prevent any accident by stopping the bike abruptly.
  • In spite of having lots of beneficial characteristics, it’s an inexpensive balance bike.

Striking Features of Royal Baby 12 inch Balance Bike

  • It has easily adjustable and highly cushioned seat.
  • The T- handlebar of the bike includes soft grips.
  • The frame of the bike is made of steel monotube.
  • It comes with foot brake with a comfortable saddle.
  • The Royal Baby balance bike offers you 4 eye-catching colors.
  • The size of the wheels is12-inch.
  • The height of the bike’s seat is adjustable from 16 inches to 18inchesfrom the ground.
  • This bike weighs only 13 lbs.

Pros & Cons Royal Baby Lil’ Jammer 12 inch Balance Bike

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  • It is very easy to assemble within a short time.
  • Foot brake of this bike allows your child to stop the bike suddenly.
  • The soft grips of the handlebar ensure maximum comfort of your kid’s soft hands.
  • You can easily adjust its padded seat, according to your child’s height.
  • The price of this bike is affordable comparing to other same featured bikes.
  • The steel monotube makes the bike sturdy.


  • The pneumatic tires of this bike need to fill with air in a certain interval. It may annoy you. The wheels can be smaller for the larger children.

How to Maintain This Bike

There are some easy rules of maintaining this bike which will ensure the maximum durability of the bike. At first you have to take care of its pneumatic tires otherwise, it can be punctured.You should also wipe it out with soft wet clothes after every use to make the frame and tires long lasting.


Royal Baby 12 inch Balance Bike is an awesome bike to train your 2-5 years old child riding a bike. This bike has child-friendly features that make the riding more enjoyable. So you can buy this child-friendly and economical bike to teach your child how to balance a bicycle with lots of enjoyment.

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