Radio Flyer 535 My 1St Scooter Sport Review

Radio Flyer 535 Scooter Sport is a cute scooter comes with many appealing features. It includes two front wheels, foot brake, folded handles, specially designed turning radius and an extra-wide tapered base. This scooter is helpful for learning to ride on a big scooter, especially for 2-5 years old toddlers.

Radio Flyer 535 My 1St Scooter Sport Review

Radio Flyer 535 My 1St Scooter Sport Review

Benefits of the Customers When They Use This Radio Flyer

  • The most noticeable feature of this cool scooter is its tapered extra-wide base which helps the children to keep their feet in comfort.
  • The tapered base makes a kick path. As a result, your child can balance the scooter perfectly.
  • Its turning radius helps not only to move the scooter easily but also to ensure your little one’s safety.
  • Due to its front wheels, it’s easy to keep Radio Flyer Scooter stable.
  • To maneuver this scooter easily and swiftly, it has an easy-to-use foot brake.
  • The folded handles ease the storing and transporting.

Salient Features of the Radio Flyer

  • This scooter includes an extra -wide tapered base that helps your child to balance smoothly.
  • This scooter has an ultra-lightweight of 5.5 lbs.
  • It has two front wheels that add more stability.
  • Its specially designed turning radius ensures your little ones’ safety.
  • Radio Flyer Scooter has folded handles.
  • It’s made of durable plastic.
  • This bike is well-suited for 2-5 years old child.
  • It offers foot brake to control the bike more easily.
  • The weight limit for the scooter is up to 50lbs.

Pros and cons

  • Your toddler can easily control it by its easy-to-use foot brake.
  • The design and look of this scooter are eye-catchy.
  • This scooter is very much helpful for your child to enhance balancing and coordinating power.
  • The extra-wide base of this scooter helps to control the scooter perfectly.
  • Its turning radius ensures maximum movability.

  • Its wide base may create a little bit problem for some toddlers.
  • It needs a lot of space to make a quick turn.

How to Maintain This Radio Flyer

By taking proper care of this scooter, you can use this scooter for your next child too. You should clean this scooter with a soft wet cloth.So dust would not be able to accumulate on it. If the wheels of the scooter are not working properly, you have to remove hair, debris, sand from the wheels by a soft brush.


Radio Flyer 535 Scooter is a perfect scooter for newbie riders because it ensures your toddlers’ safety and comfort. Along with its amazing features, you can get it with a reasonable price. So, buy multi-featured Radio Flyer 535 My 1st Scooter Sport for your toddler to develop his/her power of balancing.

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