Kazam v2e Balance Bike Review

The KaZAM v2e Balance Bike provides a lot of benefits as like as Kazam classic. Moreover, the v2e model comes with more upgraded frame design and convenient footrest. It is an awesome bike for 3 to 6 years old children.

Kazam v2e Balance Bike Review

Kazam v2e Balance Bike Review

Benefits of Customers

  • You have no need to be worried about the quality of this bike since it fulfills the Toy standards of the US.
  • Its seat and handlebars can be adjusted according to the height of your baby. Seat and handlebars can be adjusted from 14 inches to 17 inches and from 18.75 inches to 20.75 inches respectively.
  • The design of the footrest is highly ergonomic so your child can easily place his/her feet on the right position.
  • You have no need to use any tools for the height adjustment of the handlebars and seat. In this bike, clamps have been used to make the adjustment procedure easier.
  • It needs very much limited assembly so you can assemble the bike within a short time.

Appealing features of the Kazam v2e Balance Bike

  • Kazam v2e comes with an upgraded frame design and convenient footrest.
  • This bike is made with light-weight frame, weighs only 8 pounds.
  • Maximum weight capacity of this balance bike is 60 pounds.
  • It has varieties of color- Red, Blue, Green, Orange and Pink.
  • It includes 12 inches EVA tires that are puncture-resistant and maintenance free.

Pros and Cons Kazam v2e Balance Bike

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  • Powder coated bike frame makes it more durable.
  • As it is lightweight so your kids can easily handle and lift it.
  • Its patented footrest fits your child’s feet perfectly.
  • It comes with two-year warranty.
  • No toxic materials are used to construct this bike.

  • The seat of this bike is a little bit downward. If the kids can’t balance the bike properly, it may be an issue.

How to Maintain This Balance Bike

You should check the tires of the bike on a regular basis. So you can be sure that the air tires are properly inflated with air. But never inflate the tires with too much air. To check the quantity of air, you can pinch the tires with your forefinger and thumb. If you feel that the tires are in a firm position, then it’s ok. Also keep in mind that never maneuver this bike on the rough terrain, it is suitable only for smooth surfaces.


Kazam v2e is a great Balance Bike for your child to learn balance and make the riding on a pedal bike easier. For buying a perfect balance bike, you can strongly consider Kazam v2e balance bike because you will be highly satisfied with its affordable price without compromising its quality.

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