How to Clean and Maintain a Balance Bike

Generally, parents want to use a balance bike for their 2 to 3 years old child. But it is not possible to maintain a balance bike for your child without having the proper cleaning and maintaining knowledge of the balance bike. To increase the durability of the bike, you must have it. Here, you will get an outline to maintain and clean a balance bike by reading the following directions-

How to Clean and Maintain a Balance Bike

How to Clean and Maintain a Balance Bike

Clean the Bike after Every Use

Whenever your child rides the bike outside of the house, then it becomes dirtier. So it should be cleaned thoroughly with a wet cloth after every use.

  • If the bike becomes muddy, you should clean it thoroughly with lots of water.
  • It’s better to clean the bike with biodegradable bike cleaning solutions.It’s very easy to clean with this cleaner. At first spray the cleaner onto the bike, secondly rub over the bike and finally wash it with fresh water.

After washing, you should make the bike dry. By cleaning the bike in this way your kid will not face any allergic problem.

Keep the Bike in a Safe Place

Always keep your bike in a cool and dry place. So there will be no chance of getting any scratch or rust with the bike. If you keep your bike in an open place or lying down on the ground, it will easily lessen the durability of the bike.

Repair with the Proper Tools

If you need to repair or adjust any part of the bike, you should use the suitable tools for repairing that part.Otherwise, the parts of the bike can be worthless. So always be cautious of using any tool, when repairing or adjusting any part of the bike. If you can’t repair the bike, you should take the help of a professional mechanic.
The metal part of a bike can be scratched, which tends to increase rust. Whenever you see any scratch, don’t let them increase. Try to varnish them as early as possible.

Maintenance of the Wheels

Wheels and tires should be cleaned regularly. Otherwise, the bike won’t move smoothly.If the wheels aren’t clean and well maintained. You can take the following measures-

  • Clean it with detergent and water.
  • If the wheels become muddy, it can be cleaned by a brush with detergent and water.
  • Pneumatic tires of the wheels should be filled with air regularly. So, check the tires before every use. If there is any hole found in the tires, it should be changed immediately. Otherwise, this may cause an accident.


Take Special Care for the Wooden Bike

You should take a special care of wooden balance bike. Because if you don’t take proper care of the bike, then it will never last for a long time. Never keep it wet since wood can rot quickly. When the bike is wet, try to make it sundry or wipe it out with a dry cloth and then make it air dry.


By following these easy and simple directions, you can increase the durability of a balance bike. Never neglect any little scratch or problem of the bike. If you don’t repair the bike when the problem is under control, then it can make the bike useless. So try to solve any problem as soon as possible before coming it out of control. In this way, your adoring toddler can ride a bike for a long time.

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