Glide Bikes Mini Glider Balance bike Review

Mini Glider is one of the best full-featured balance bikes for your 2-5 years old kids to teach how to ride a bicycle. This high-quality bike includes exclusive features like hand-brake, footpegs, airless tires, adjustable seat and lifetime warranty etc.

Glide Bikes Mini Glider Balance bike Review

Benefits of the Customers

  • Its exclusive removable foot pegs help your child to balance and glide with more fun.
  • This bike offers child-friendly hand-brake for stopping the bike safely.
  • Since this bike has a lifetime warranty, so no need to be worried about its maintenance cost.
  • As this bike is made of the mixture of aluminum and steel, so it is lightweight but durable.
  • It’s a slow speed design helps to prevent any accident.
  • Its feature of downhill mountain bike geometry allows your children to learn to balance quickly and safely.
  • You can adjust the seat of the bike according to your child’s height without using any tool.

The Exclusive Features of Mini Glider

  • This bike includes a child size hand brake and a rear brake.
  • It’s made of aluminum and steel alloy.
  • To make the riding into fun, this bike comes with 10-inch removable foot pegs.
  • It has the feature of slow speed design and mountain bike geometry.
  • This bike offers a lifetime warranty.

Pros & Cons Glide Bikes Mini Glider Balance Bike

Glide Bikes Mini Glider Balance bike Review

  • The aluminum frame of this bike makes it lightweight.
  • Solid airless tires allow you to get rid of the hassle of airing up the tires.
  • You can assemble this bike instantly and easily.
  • As the adjustable foot pegs help your child to keep both feet on the ground for a short time, so they can learn to balance quickly.
  • Because of its slow speed design, your child can get rid of falling from the bike.
  • It’s child-friendly hand-brake is well-suited for most of the children to control the bike’s speed.
  • This bike has a quick release seat clamp to fix up the seat height easily.
  • Since its weight is only 9 pounds, so it’s easy to lift for a child.
  • You will get this high-quality bike at a reasonable price.

  • Foot pegs are not well-suited for a smaller baby.
  • Its rear brake has very limited use.

How to Maintain This Bike

If you want the highest durability from this bike, you have to follow some maintaining rules. You must clean the dust of the whole bike after each usage. Sometimes you can use soft wipe cloth to clean it for making totally dirt free.


Mini Glider Balance Bike has lots of exclusive features which made this bike more useful and easy to use, compared to the other traditional balance bikes at the same price. It’s extraordinary characteristics will help your adoring child to learn to ride a bike safely and promptly. So, to buy a balance bike, Mini Glider can be the first of your choice.

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