Buyer’s Guide & Reviews: Best Balance Bike for 3 Years Old in 2017

Do you like to train up your child the basics of cycling? So, a balance bike is needed for your child. But which one will be best suited for your 3 years old child? Choosing a right balance bike isn’t an easy task.

Because there are a huge number of bikes available in the market. From these various types of bikes how you can choose the best balance bike for your toddler. Don’t worry, here you will get a complete step by step process of buying a balance bike and a short review of top 10 best balance bike reviews suited for your 3 years old kid


There are some particular bikes which are specially made for the children of 3+ years old. Mainly this kind of bikes are made of plastic, metal and wood

1. Wooden Balance Bike: Generally, wooden balance bikes are made of Baltic Birch wood. For wooden bikes, birch wood is preferable because of its more durability, lightness and strength. There are many wooden bikes are available for 3 years old children as like as Diggin Active Skuut wooden balance bike, Kinderfeets Pink Chalkboard wooden balance bike, Early Rider Lite Balance Bike etc.

2. Metallic Balance Bike: Metallic balance bikes look as like a regular 2-wheel pedal bike. These are made of aluminum or steel. Meta balance bikes have the great advantages of long durability and easy adaptability. Some metal balance bikes which are suitable for 3 years old children– Strider 12 Classic Bike2015 version, Tykes Bikes 12″ Balance Bike, Kinderbikes balance bike 2015 version etc.

3. Plastic Balance Bike: Plastic balance bikes are made of composite plastic. Sometimes, Injection MoldingProcedure is used to manufacture the plastic bike. These types of bikes have an appealing look. These are not so costly too. These bikes are also long-lasting. So you can use these bikes for more than one child.

  • If a child starts riding a balance bike from 3 years old, he will be able to ride on the pedal bike before being 4.
  • Another one important advantage of the balance bike is that children as young as 3 can learn to balance on their own without any help or explanation of others.
  • Safety is an important factor for your little angel of only 2-3 years. As, in a balance bike no pedal or chain is included, so the safety of your child is highly ensured.
  • These routine practices make them fond of cycling immediately.

Best Balance Bike for 3 Years OldTOP 10 BEST BALANCE BIKE FOR 3 YEARS OLD



Chicco Red Bullet Balance Bike ReviewChicco Red Bullet Balance Training Bike is designed to make the learning experience easy and fun for your 3 years old child who is just learning to ride. This bike is an excellent bike offering an ergonomic, lightweight frame, adjustable handlebars and seat height to fulfill all of your child’s needs.

Features of the Chicco Red Bullet Balance Training Bike

  • The Padded saddle seat of the Chicco Red Bullet Balance Bike can be adjusted from 34 cm to maximum 44 cm.
  • It provides adjustable rubber handlebar grips.
  • The puncher-resistant soft plastic tires enable a comfortable and smooth riding.
  • It is a super light weighted balance weighing only 8 lbs. So both you and your toddler can easily move this bike anywhere.

This bike has achieved ‘Seal of Approval’ from Parent’s Choice and ‘Preferred Choice’ award from Creative Child Magazine, which guarantee the quality. Besides having these outstanding features, it also comes with a reasonable price. So before choosing the best-suited bike for your little one, don’t forget to take a look at the review for the Chicco Red Bullet Balance Training Bike.



Schylling Scuttle bug Lady Bug Ride On Review

Schylling Scuttlebug Lady Bug Ride On is an ideal toy for the toddlers of busy moms and dads since it comes with a super lightweight and easy-to-folding system. Busy parents can easily fold it within a twinkle of an eye and carry it just like a feather.

Features of the Schylling Scuttlebug Lady Bug Ride On

  • Scuttlebug Trike comes with an easy 3-step folding system. So, you can fold the whole trike into one-third of it within a twinkle of an eye.
  • Front wheel steering of this bike helps your child to learn both steering and balance equally. So your child becomes ready to ride a pedal bike within a short time.
  • The non-scrabble and indoor-friendly wheels allow your child to maneuver the trike even on the tiles floor.
  • Since it is a superb lightweight trike weighing only 4.2 pounds so, your child can easily carry it and also maneuver it as like as a feather.
  • You have no need to spend a little bit of time to assemble it. You just buy it and your child will be able to maneuver it immediately.

Schylling Scuttlebug is a highly entertaining toy with a cheap price. It is also safe, reliable and stable for the beginners to learn steering and balance. So, to give more fun to your child, you can choose Schylling Scuttlebug Lady Bug Ride On with a small investment.



Schwinn Balance Bike 12-Inch ReviewSchwinn Balance Bike, 12-Inch is an outstanding bike for 3+ years’ old boys and girls. Although it comes with a simple design, the look of this bike is so stylish.

Appealing Features of the Schwinn Balance Bike

  • In spite of having multiple features, this bike weighs only 13.5 lbs.
  • This sturdy bike used metal to construct the frame and handlebars.
  • This bike includes a distinct feature of ‘foot to floor frame design’ that enables your child to touch the ground easily.
  • The comfortable air tires ensure a smooth riding experience of your little angel.

Although you can find many reviews on online. But you are the chief judge of yourself for choosing the best-suited balance bike for your child. Before taking the final buying decision, you may consider the noticeable features of Schwinn Balance Bike with its reasonable price.



YBIKE Balance Bike ReviewYBIKE Balance Bike comes with a unique design which is more durable and safe. This bike can be used both in indoor and outdoor. So, if you want to learn your child balancing at anywhere, this is the perfect choice for you.

Appealing Features of the YBIKE Balance Bike

  • YBIKE comes with the injection-molded plastic frame, so there is no chance of remaining any weak points. Moreover, you can get your desired design easily with a smooth and shiny finish.
  • This bike has won lots of precious awards like as Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award 2010, Top Toy 2011 by Parenting Magazine, Top Toy Award 2010 by Creative Child Magazine and much more. So no need to be worried about the quality of this one.
  • The front wheel of this bike prevents your child from sudden falling when they turn the bike. Double back wheels make the riding easier and more stable.

Naturally, children like to make fun and as a parent, you want to ensure safe toys for your child. After reading the reviews on the YBIKE Balance Bike, you can easily realize that how it will fulfill the demand both of you and your child with an economical price.



Fly Bike Foldable Indoor Outdoor Toddlers Glide Tricycle ReviewLooking for a fabulous tricycle that will help your child to spend time in your backyard or house? So he or she will be in front of your eyes. So, the Foldable Indoor/Outdoor Toddlers Glide Tricycle is the right choice for you.

Features of the Fly Bike® Foldable Toddlers Glide Tricycle

  • It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor riding. If your child rides this fly bike in your house, there is no chance to destroy the tiles of the floor.
  • This bike is really an ultra-light weighted bike of 3.75 pounds. So both you and your child can carry it easily.
  • Riding on the fly bike is quite easy and ensures smooth riding for your child. It includes front wheel steering with a non-scratch wheel.

Generally, chromo Inc. produces high-quality and long lasting products and the Fly Bike® Foldable Indoor/Outdoor Toddlers Glide Tricycle is also manufactured by this registered U.S. company. So you can buy this reasonably priced fly bike without compromising the quality.



Step 2 Motorcycle ReviewStep2 motorcycle is a perfect toy motorcycle for your kids of above 3 years old. It really helps in learning the basics of driving. Because it includes wide wheels, realistic looks, easy grip handles and more to drive.

Features of the Step2 Motorcycle

  • This motorcycle develops the strength of your kids’ lower parts of the body when they try to steer it with their legs like a real motorcycle.
  • Since its headlights, taillights, stickers look like a racer motorcycle, so your toddler will enjoy the riding as like as a real motorcycle.
  • This motorcycle includes easy-grip handles and wide wheels.Its wide wheels make balancing easy as playing.

Step2 Motorcycle is an authentic looking toy motorcycle that helps your child to learn to ride a bike or real motorcycle. It also improves the strength of the lower parts of your little ones. So you can get Step2 Motorcycle at an affordable price to give your little ones a realistic experience of riding a motorcycle.



Zoom Bike Kids Trike ReviewZoom Bike Kids Trike is a cute trike for your child to make him or her cheerful and lively. He or she can learn to balance and steer with fun. So it is an ideal option for beginners to be trained up for riding a bike.

Features of the Zoom Bike Kids Trike

  • The impressive feature of zoom bike is that its patented wheels are scratch free and LED illuminated.
  • The distinctive folding system of this bike makes it easier to carry anywhere and store within a few minutes.
  • When it’s not in use, you can just fold it and store it in your car trunk or baby stroller’s basket.
  • Its patented non-scratch wheels are highly resistant and LED illuminated. So the stability of the wheels is assured and remains in a place firmly. As a result, the chance of any accident is reduced.

The zoom bike has offered multiple features, but you need to spend only a few dollars for it. Moreover, your child can make a great fun with the zoom bike and also spends sometimes in outdoor activities which keep his or her health and mind more fit and cheerful.



Radio Flyer Glide 26 Go Balance Bike Red ReviewRadio Flyer Glide & Go Balance Bike is a well-recognized branded balance bike not only in the USA but also in the whole world. This bike is loved by both parents and child because of its a good number of great features with a highly attractive price. You can get this bike within only $40 to $65.

Features of the Radio Flyer Balance Bike

  • This bike includes a ringing bell so that, you can identify the position and ensure the safety of your child easily. Your child can also make fun with this ringing bell.
  • Its traction tread tires protect your child from falling down from the bike and ensure smooth maneuverability on the road.
  • Although it includes a lightweight frame. but it is sturdy and durable. So you may use the same bike for your next child.

Radio flyer balance bike can be an amazing gift for your child’s second birthday. You can seriously consider this bike because of its maintenance-free tires, traction tread wheels, ringing bell, sturdy frame and so many. You will get all these features only by spending a little amount comparing the others.



Metro Mini Cruiser Balance Bike ReviewMetro Mini Cruiser Balance Bike is a lightweight bike that includes lots of features with safety brake to stop the bike suddenly. It is suitable for the child who is 2-6 years old. This extraordinary balance bike is mainly designed for the children to make their learning experience easy and fun.

Features of Metro Mini Cruiser

  • The Metro Bike is one of the cheapest bikes compared to the other brands in the market.
  • Large padded seat ensures comfort during the long riding of your child. This lightweight bike is made of high tensile steel tubing and alloy rims.
  • It has Mountain Bike styled ‘V’ Brake with high performance. It’s Chunky Pneumatic Tires ensure smooth riding.

Metro Mini Cruiser Balance Bike is an attractive and comfortable Award-Winning balance bike for your adorable toddlers. For this reason, you can easily rely on its quality. So, just make your child happy by purchasing a Metro Mini Cruiser Balance Bike.



Radio Flyer 535 My 1St Scooter SportRadio Flyer 535 Scooter Sport comes with many appealing features like as the front wheels, foot brake, folded handles, specially designed turning radius and an extra-wide tapered base. This scooter is helpful for learning to ride on a big scooter, especially for 3 years old child.

Salient Features of Radio Flyer 535 Scooter Sport

  • The tapered extra-wide base of this scooter helps the children to keep their feet in comfort. The tapered base makes a kick path. As a result, your child can balance the scooter perfectly.
  • Its turning radius helps not only to move the scooter easily but also to ensure your little one’s safety. It also ensures maximum movability.
  • Due to having the special type front wheels, it’s easy to keep stable. To maneuver this scooter easily and swiftly, it has an easy-to-use foot brake.

Radio Flyer 535 Scooter is a perfect scooter for newbie riders because it ensures your toddlers’ safety and comfort. Along with its amazing features, you can get it for a reasonable price. So, buy multi-featured Radio Flyer 535 My 1st Scooter Sport for your toddler to develop his/her power of balancing.


To make cycling easy as playing, it is important to choose the best balance bike for your toddler. So, you can buy the best balance bike for your 3 years little one by following these steps-

  1. Choose a durable and lightweight one: You are buying a balance bike to train your child riding on a 2-wheelers. It will probably take one or two years to learn to balance. So you have to be sure about its durability that it will last for some years. Similarly, a light weighted balance bike is the best choice for a 3 years old child because they are not too strong to maneuver a heavy bike.
  2. Check out the height of the bike: You should check the height of the bike that it is adjustable according to the growth of your children for the next 2-3 years.
  3. Try to avoid complicated structure: If you really want to select the best balance bike for your kids, then you should avoid unnecessary instrument with the bike. It will make ease learning of cycling.
  4. Select Sturdy Tires: If the tires of the bike are sturdy, then it will last for a long time and your child can run the bike on any type of ground. Remember that, on solid airless tires allow you to get rid of the hassle of airing up the tires and the pneumatic tires need to fill with air in a certain interval. But, pneumatic tires give a smooth riding experience. So, take the right decision which is preferable to you.
  5. Select your child’s favorite color: As the children are the lover of colors, so try to buy a bike of your child’s favorite color. As a result, they will like to learn cycling fast.
  6. Be cautious about the safety measures: Although most of the balance bike has adequate safety arrangements for the children. Yet, you should be cautious to prefer the balance bike that has a maximum safety arrangement.

Every parent wants to ensure the safety of their beloved child at any cost. So here are some tips for ensuring safe balance bike riding of your child.

  • Give your child the opportunity to bike in different places, so he would never feel boring to ride on the balance bike.
  • Make a daily routine of riding the balance bike for your child. So he or she will be habituated to practice daily.
  • Ensure that your child has dressed in the helmet, knee pad and elbow pad. So if any kind of accident occurs, your child will be safe from big injury.
  • Choose the exact size helmet so it would not move around your child’s head. Otherwise, it can be an issue for occurring an accident.
  • Clothe your child a sports shoe or toe-closed shoe, to avoid any unexpected injury of your child’s feet.

To choose the best balance bike for your 3 years old child, there are many options available to you. These 10 best balance bike reviews will give you an overall idea about the available balance bikes in the market. According to the requirements of you and your child’s, you can choose the perfect one for you.

But you should always consider the safety and comfort of your child’s before the final purchase. If your child gets a comfortable and colorful bike, then he can learn to balance fast.